Fullrama édite les services Cityrama & Nestair

Cityrama is a SmartCity / City App solution enabling centralized collection of SmartCity data in real time. Our clients can better manage their data sources and associated services: publish them, archive them, make them public … They save money because the services are shared. Cityrama provides calculated data

 Nestair is an automated pollution control system, Nestair is a member of the Airparif Airlab.

The entire developer ecosystem can benefit from the data collected by our infrastructure, it is standardized, geolocated with Galileo, time-stamped, secure …

Fullrama anticipates uses 10 years from now in real-time data consumption: developers, big data, business tools, autonomous cars, etc. But also for our own business applications on tablets and mobiles in real time.

Welcome to the world of DTR *, data available in less than 150 ms.

The Fullrama company owns 10 real-time stations in IDF making it possible to collect 120 million data items each year.

* Real time data