Fullrama publishes Cityrama and Nestair services.

Cityrama is a SmartCity / City App solution that provides centralized SmartCity data collection in real time.

Our customers can better manage their data sources and related services: publish them, archive them, make them public … They save money because the services are shared.
Cityrama provides calculated data eg temperature forecast + 6H

Nestair is an automated pollution control system, Nestair is a member of the Airparif Airlab.

The entire ecosystem of developers can take advantage of the data collected by our infrastructure, they are standardized, geolocated with Galileo, time stamped, secure ….
Fullrama anticipates 10-year uses in real-time data consumption: developers, big data, business tools, autonomous cars … But also for our own real-time tablet and mobile business applications.

Welcome to the world of DTR *, the data available in less than 150 ms.
* Real time data

Fullrama holds 10 real-time IDF stations that collect 120 million data each year